Monday, April 24, 2006

Leftists "Beloved form of Government"

I told you I would check back in the comments section under Smith's column on sedition referenced this morning. Well here's an interesting comment from PMcQB.
While I believe it's a stretch to say leftist Anti-Americans' activities are illegal, I do remember reading that Lenin referred to them as "useful idiots". And this was a founder of their beloved form of government! He must be right.
I should note at this point that while I profess an outward love for Democracy, my heart really belongs to Lobstocracy. I was initially resistant, but Space Lobsters arguments and the literature he gave me have really turned me around. I think we would be better off putting Lobsters in charge. As far as I know Lenin had nothing to do with the creation of Lobstocracy, so, at least in my case, this suggestion is totally false.

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