Monday, April 03, 2006

There's a Riot Going On!

Listening to Breakestra this morning - so got funk flowing through me.

Anyway Jennifer Roback Morse's latest article is about how Mexicans are becoming more french and about how Liberals and Democrats are going ruin the Mexican people. You guessed it, she was commenting on the protests, and does the normal sort of mental gymnastics you have to do to uphold freedom of speech while saying that liberal forms of speech are undignified and shouldn't be done.
Yes, demonstrating is everyone’s right. But it is also the school’s right and responsibility to count it as an unexcused absence. Yes, voicing your opinion is American. Stopping traffic, throwing rocks at cars and generally intimidating people who disagree with you is not. I live in San Diego where several school districts, including Oceanside and Vista, have closed down for one or more days, fearing violent confrontations between students.
You should be allowed to protest, but we should be allowed to stop you from protesting? Nobodies stopping you from protesting, so you shouldn't stop us from stopping you from protesting.

Incidentally are their incidents of rock throwing at the latest protests (I know that's happened in France, I am talking about the recent immigration protests). Assuming their are than that is a seperate issue from the protests.

Here's the bit about how we Democrats are going to ruin the Mexicans.
. . . under the tutelage of the Left, Hispanics are becoming "assimilated" to the identity politics, and entitlement mentality that is so beloved by the Democratic Party and so obnoxious to taxpayers.

I go to a church that is filled with Mexicans. I love them. It is a privilege to worship with them. They are good, devout, family-oriented people. But after a few years of associating with the party of perjury, paganism and perversion, they won’t be.
We are the party of paganism? Damn, I must have missed that meeting.

Incidentally haven't we Democrats been associating with Mexicans since . . . well forever? How come we haven't ruined them yet?

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