Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who hates the other more - liberals or conservatives?

This is the title to Dennis Pragers latest article, in which he poses three questions in answer to it. They are who keys cars more, who needs protection on college campuses and who gets hissed at public speeches? The answer to these questions, based on the experiences of Dennis Prager and Ann Coulter (and without further proof), are Liberals, Conservatives and Conservatives. So the answer to the title question is, according to Dennis Prager, Liberals.
But the biggest reason is the most obvious one: Liberals hate conservatives far more than conservatives hate liberals.
I got a few questions of my own.

1. Which political persuasion is more likely to murder to support their political goals? Timothy McVeigh, in so far as his confused mind would allow, was a libertarian. Those guy's taking out abortion doctors were social conservatives. I'm not sure this proves anything, but it's interesting to note.

2. Which party pays good money to people who talk about eliminating their political enemies? Conservatives. I can understand how some of you conservatives might not like Michael Moore or Al Franken, but neither has called for the elimination of Conservatives in the same way that Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh talk about Liberals.

I will say that there is a difference between Liberals and Conservatives that Dennis Prager hits on.
Liberals deem conservatives to be racist, homophobic, war mongering, money worshipping and sexist. It makes perfect sense to hate such people. I would, too.

The converse is not true. Conservatives tend to view liberals as immature and foolish. But childish adults and fools don't merit the hatred that racists do.
Some Conservatives are clearly racist, but accusing Democrats of making this blanket accusation smacks of desperation, doesn't it?

At any rate, the difference between Conservatives and Liberals is that we take the Conservative point of view seriously. I've noted over the years that Conservatives are far more likely to believe mythology rather than go out and find out what their political enemies are actually saying. That's how President Bush can say with a straight face that his political enemies (the Democrats) don't see Al-Qaeda as a threat with a straight face. Presumably he knows that people living in a bubble of conservative thought will never come face to face with what Democrats have actually said on the subject. And, of course, there's plenty of evidence that President Bush lives in just such a bubble.

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