Monday, April 17, 2006

What is Liberalism?

I was reading the comments underneath that Doug Giles article referenced below out of curiosity, when I came across this startling definition of liberalism from neo-spike, which I present in it's entirety.
Wha tis a liberal ??

A liberal wants to "liberate" the masses from the terrible oppression that enslaves these masses. This begs the question of how a liberal will know when he/she is truely liberalted. Well, the liberal will be free to have sex with anybody, anything in the middle of the road with the cameras rolling for the live web cast. A liberal sees ones liberation through sexual activity.
I've been attending the wrong damn meetings apparently. Here I thought we were interested in social security and bringing the troops home from Iraq and nonsense like that, when all along we were in favor of having public sex which we can broadcast on a live web cast.

This is kind of funny, until you remember that this guy probably has the vote. And friends.

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