Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Value Voter's Contract with Congress

For those interested, here is a link to the Value Voter's Contract with Congress. The contract urges congress to pass laws (well that is what congress does), including the following;
? The Constitution Restoration Act to prohibit activist judges from ruling against acknowledgments of God (H.R. 1070, S.520),

? The Public Expression of Religion Act to prohibit activist judges from ordering taxpayers to pay lawyers who seek to erode our national relationship with God (H.R. 2679), and

? The Workplace Religious Freedom Act to promote religious accommodation in employment (H.R. 1445, S. 677).

. . . ? The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act to raise awareness of the pain experienced by children before birth (S.51, H.R. 356)

. . . ? Legislation to restrict obscenity and pornography, and guard against its mis-stated protection under the First Amendment.
Anyway it's an interesting corrective to David Limbaugh's article from earlier today - it's helpful to remember that our friends on the religious right do have distinct political goals. They shouldn't be shocked if those goals are occasionally opposed.

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