Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shorter Dennis Prager

Here is the academy speech that someone should have given. USA is great, soldiers are great and we should make more movies about them, and we actors and actresses are big phonies and are generally useless even though everybody knows our name.

That's the gist of Dennis Prager's latest article.

As for the contention that Hollywood should make movies about soldiers fighting in Iraq right now, I can kind of see why they wouldn't want to. People on your side of the fence, including you, would demand that such movies be made a certain ways. And if they included even the slightest critique of how America is acting in Iraq, well, you would boycott and attack them. On the other hand, as you point out, they aren't keen on the Iraq war. Like most sensible people, they note that it hasn't gone so well.

So given a choice between sinking a lot of money into a movie that might be this contentious and, say, Mission Impossible 3, well, I can see why they'd go a certain way.

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