Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Mail Bag (a Prologue)

Space Lobster will be along shortly to do his thing, but I couldn't let him have this particular e-mail recieved 11:53 AM, Monday March 13, 2006. The coward, er, person writing it didn't leave their name, but they did leave their e-mail which I will not reprint.
Good lord articulate idiots have an outlet for fact free and senseless babble, brilliant!

I almost lost it, completely, over a comment to the effect that Bill Clinton, impeached, disbarred, philanderer, accused rapist and traitor to our nation waged a more successful war on terror. Wow, the kook effect has taken hold completely has it?

I don't know about you, but having a knowledge and comprehension of history, I'm stunned by the blatant ignorance so abundant in the loony left mental cess pools, known as blogs.

The facts show that every military debacle our republic has been forced to suffer has been when a member of the party of treason holds the oval office and sets as C in C.

. . . September 11, 2001 the absolute Clinton legacy, its time for the treason trials to begin.

John Kerry the last candidate for president offered by the party of treason, has only the commission of treason as a verifiable achievement in his life and lets not forget his claim of committing war crimes and that is the best the party of wimps and cowards could offer? Yes it is and that is why we need treason trials and some gallows time for the party of treason, atheism and sodomy.
I will clarify that what I said was that Clinton waged a more effective war on terror than President Bush did for the first 9 months of his presidency. As for President Bush's performance since 9/11, well, conditions changed so drastically it didn't seem fair to compare the two.

I will also thank you for noticing how articulate I am.

And finally allow me to note that yes, the kook factor has indeed taken hold. But probably not in the way you mean.

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