Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life's Little Amusements

It is always amusing to see Republicans caught in the political crossfire. Republicans don't believe in noble enemies or loyal opposition, so when they engage in rhetorical combat, they pretty much always bring out the big guns.

But when one group of Conservatoids (like, say, those in favor of the Dubai Ports Deal) is opposed to another group of Conservatoids (like, say, those opposed to the Dubai Ports Deal), well, poor Conservatoids have to put up with the same sorts of shots we liberals take all the time. Particularly if they can put liberals in the other box (as noted above, shooting at liberals always leads to a bigger rhetorical cannon).

So it is with amusement that I note that Tony Blankely feels a bit wounded by his friends today.
In the last few days, several free market and other conservative commentators -- along with various U.S. governmental spokesmen -- have taken to labeling those of us with reservations concerning the Dubai Ports World (DPW) deal as nativist, racist or Islamophobic. With 70 percent of the public in opposition to the port deal, this is as searing a criticism of American tolerance as ever has been hurled from America's cultural or political opponents over the years. No Soviet propagandist or third-world revolutionary has more stingingly libeled the American people.
Poor Mr. Blankley. It is hard to be hit with that kind of invective. Damn it, only Liberals are supposed to be attacked, not Conservatoids! I really feel for you.

But maybe this will be a good experience for you - I mean we liberals have been accused of everything. Traitors. Anti American. Seditionists. Child Molesters. So maybe this little shock of being accused of Racism will toughen you up a little. God knows you Conservatives could use that a little. If ever there was a group of people for whom the phrase "They can dish it out, but they can't take it" applied, it's you guys.

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