Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Don't Want to Surrender to the Terrorists

I'd just like to clear that up.

I would say that goes for most Liberals; we don't actually want Al-Qaeda to run the United States. I know you conservatives have a hard time accepting that, but I assure you it is true.

This is inspired by Ben Shapiro's latest article, in which he turns to his first love, Prognostication. He predicts what would happen in the unlikely event President Bush handed the Government over to Helen Thomas.

Apparently she and her Cabinet (including Michael Moore and Ted Turner) would nationalize Talk Radio and divert the war on terror budget into NPR. The upshot of this sort of malarky?
May 1, 2006, the city formerly known as WASHINGTON -- Today, President Thomas completed the handover of the Great Satan to the United Nations. After the six nuclear attacks of last month, and with the country in total chaos, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan offered to broker a peace treaty between the Great Satan and the glorious servants of Mohammed, peace be upon him.
I'm starting to doubt Mr. Shapiros powers of prognostication. Within three months of taking over, we will experience multiple nuclear detonations leading to the total collapse and capitulation of the United States? My Word! Think of where we would be if Kerry were in charge!

Yeah, I got some prognostication for you, Mr. Shapiro. After seeing the way your guy, President Bush, has mucked up the country, they are going to start thinking that maybe you conservative pundits aren't really all you are cracked up to be, and the Republican Party will return to its senses.

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