Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Got A Real Complaint

Cal Thomas' column for the week covers his frustration at the enormous deficit. If only the Republicans were in power so they could stop this runaway government spending.

Oh. Right.

Anyway he ends with an interesting paragraph that shows just how upset he is with the Bush/Frist reign.
Coolidge left the presidency with a surplus. So did Bill Clinton. That a Republican Congress and administration are engaging in such promiscuous spending is obscene. If voting in Democrats -who in the past engaged in deficit spending - punishes Republicans, little will change. What to do?

Maybe it's time for a strong third party, or failing that, another revolution.
Liberty! Equality! No wait, Not Equality! and Sound Fiscal Discipline! Yeah, I don't know how that will sound on the ramparts.

I like that Thomas is at least honest enough to admit that Clinton practiced sound fiscal discipline, but of course he's unwilling to answer why. Part of Clinton's success was his willingness to look at both sides of the equation, revenues and expenditures. Conservatoids only look at the expenditures side; assuming that the natural goal of the government is to get Revenues down to $0.00.

I like considering that fiscal sanity when I hear a Republican refer to their party as the party of Adults. This might also be a good time to reference my economic theory - Empty Wallet Economics.

At any rate, Republicans are upset with those they have placed in power, and there's nothing wrong with that (from a liberal point of view, anyway).

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