Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Schrödinger's Politics

The Truth about Abu Ghraib is that :
1. Muslim Terrorists who tried to murder and blow up American Troops and Iraqi Civilians were subjected to some well-deserved harsh treatment by a few bad apples before whiny liberals stopped it.

2. Largely innocent Iraqi Civilians, rounded up by American Troops ignorant of the language and culture of Iraq, were subject to torture and torment by American troops, acting according to policies inspired if not directed by the Bush Administration.
The truth about John Kerry is that :
1. John Kerry is a treasonous coward, who fled combat in Vietnam, spit on his fellow soldiers, and never provided any sort of program to improve America in his whole Campaign.

2. John Kerry is a decorated war hero for his service in Vietnam, who fought to get his fellow soldiers out of that meat grinder and who put forward a complete agenda during the last election cycle.
The Truth about the 2000 Election is :
1. Al Gore clearly lost the election, and his continued battle just shows how unsuited he was for the presidency.

2. By every reasonable scenario, Gore won the election, and at least he had the courage to fight to get all the votes counted.
The Truth about Iraqs weapons of Mass Destruction is :
1. Saddam Hussein was clearly working towards acquiring them, and was also a monster who was tormenting his own people.

2. Saddam Hussein was not even close to having weapons that could harm the United States of America, and yet we invaded anyway.
The Truth about American politics in the 21st century is :
1. You can believe whatever you want to believe, and you'll find plenty of people to agree with you. There's no fundamental truths, only partisan truths that you select to bolster your position. There is no end to partisan bickering until one side or the other is rendered irrelevant.

2. Politics is messy and confusing, and pits good people against good people and bad people against bad people. But the truth will win out in the end, because most people on both sides of the fence genuinely want to see a better tomorrow.

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