Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Rolling Stone just did a big article on Scientology, which is somewhat of an easy target I think.

My favorite line in the article came in the middle when they were talking about Scientologies big desert complex, Gold. Kim Fries, who works for their audio visual department, had this to say about being a scientologist.
The Sea Org has often been portrayed as isolated, almost monastic; members are rarely allowed to see films, watch TV or read mainstream magazines. "Are we devoted? Yes. Sequestered? No," says Fries, who married a fellow Sea Org member. "I go out into the world, I talk to people out in the world, I definitely live a very full life. This isn't a priesthood. I mean, if it were a priesthood, do you think I'd work here?It would just be so unhip.
Interesting perspective.

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