Monday, March 13, 2006

A Conservative Humorist Speaks Out on Hatred

Some clichés hang on because they’re true. Some others, however, hang on just because nobody has bothered blowing the cobwebs off them. A specific one I have in mind insists that hatred is a bad thing -- that it’s actually worse for a person to hate than to be hated. I beg to differ.

Frankly, I think there’s a lot to be said for hatred. For one thing, it’s a very honest emotion. And unlike, say, love, it’s usually hard-earned and completely deserved.

. . . Hate has gotten a bad rap, I think you’ll now agree, and I just hate when that happens.
Yeah I think Burt Prelutsky is trying to be funny, but in all humor there's an element of truth.

And the truth is that given Conservativism's commitment to hatred (mostly of liberals), well, they need to start making a case for it's value sooner or later.

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