Thursday, March 02, 2006

Message to Republicans - Get in the Game

This is inspired by Mark Joseph's article at Townhall, "Memo To Democrats - Get in the Game." Apparently Mr. Joseph has sized up Democratic Presidential chances in 2008 and he feels like we need some advice. One piece of advice is that old Conservative standby "Hey, if you Dems want to win elections, adopt our policies." He also recommends hoping that the Republicans nominated John McCain.

In that spirit, I have some advice for Republicans in 2008.

1. Remember that President George W. Bush has served nobly and well, and do everything in your power to tie your new candidate into his legacy of great and lasting success. Iraq, the Economy, it's all good.

2. Hold your convention in New Orleans if possible. This will remind America of President Bush's strong and principled reaction to that national disaster.

3. You should run Dick Cheney. Not only does he have warmth and charisma to burn, he's also tied into the successes of the Bush Administration.

4. Have wealthy guys talk about how great the economy is doing constantly. Have them say things like "I used to not be able to spell corporate jet, now I have three of them."

5. Have Arnold Schwarzenegger talk at length about all he's done for California.

6. Spend a lot of time on boarder / port security.

Maybe my readers have some other helpful suggestions for how the Republicans can whip us in 2008?

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