Saturday, March 11, 2006

Did You Know?

Oroku Saki first appeared on Democratic Underground. He was there for three days, and posted 13 times. His final post was as follows.
The time has come...

to say goodbye to this cesspool!!!

There is no room for debate here. You all just love to go, "Yeah, me too!" It's pathetic, and it leaves no room for moderates.

Continue to masturbate over the rantings of such dimwits as Justice Breyer and Molly Ivins. You won't take back the Senate that way.

Love ya and peace,

Oroku Saki
He or she apparently suffers from deep feelings of antangonism towards Justice Breyer. I feel his or her pain (I suffer from deep antagonism towards Herman Munster).

He's also posted at this very website (for example in response to this post).

Bonus fun fact - The Letters Oroku Saki can be rearranged to form this cryptic phrase "OAR IS OK, UK?"

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