Tuesday, March 07, 2006

McCain in '08

Is this a real possibility? Well, Cal Thomas seems to think so, and he's not too down on the idea.
McCain has sometimes publicly disagreed with President Bush on certain issues, but about the president's handling of the war on terror since 9/11, McCain offers generous praise: "The war on terror is what re-elected President Bush. We were able to frame the debate in that (2004) campaign ... that President Bush was by far the most qualified guy. By the way, I believe that to this day with my heart and soul."

What may attract Republicans who believe President Bush is not a true conservative is McCain's willingness to oppose the president on more spending and bigger government, along with McCain's language on the consequences of illegal immigration. During our interview, McCain tells me: "The director of the FBI has stated 'there are more people from countries of interest coming across our border.' So there is no doubt the threat (from infiltration of radical Muslims) has increased. That's why immigration reform - of which border enforcement is a part - must be a prime issue."
It would be interesting for McCain to position himself (or be positioned) as a true conservative (as opposed to good old President Bush). For 6 years we've heard el Rushbo castigating McCain again and again for being a moderate Conservative, a Republican in Name Only and so on and so forth. Do they really think their base can turn on a dime?

Of course, this is just Cal Thomas, and it sounds like he is on board with Thomas's main issues (boarder security and blowing the hell out of Muslims). I'm sure the majority of Republican pundits have yet to make up their mind.

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