Friday, February 03, 2006

The State of the Republicans - Delusional

Tony Snow wrote this week, responding to President Bush's state of the Union. He's frustrated, as I'm sure many Republicans are, at the lack of Conservative Domestic programs being proposed. He's also frustrated that many of the programs that President Bush is proposing don't seem all that conservative, things like government research into alternate energy sources. He's not keen on that.
For now, however, they'll [the American people] have to settle for dreams of filling their gas tanks with rotted corn stalks.
But more interestingly is a section near the end where he talks about why he's upset that President Bush is being so timid.
Make no mistake: Despite the shortcomings in the speech, George W. Bush is the only figure who counts in American politics. On the seminal issues of national security and global destiny, he positively dwarfs the political opposition.
That is interesting. For one thing we don't have a system that encourages one man rule. Quite the opposite.

For another, it's strange that Snow, given that he works for Fox News, hasn't heard of the Plame Scandal or Jack Abramoff or the Domestic Spying Program. All of which drain the president's power just a little bit. But frankly this encourages me. I want Conservatives swinging for the fences right now. It will just increases their frustration and disillusionment when their players are only able to achieve infield singles. If that.

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