Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I've commented to myself in following the Cheney story and this new UAE / Ports story how if the shoe were on the other food, 90% of the participants would just change seats and be mouthing the same arguments. Upon further reflection, I'm not sure.

I think Republicans would be nastier.

If a Democrat had shot a hunting companion, it wouldn't just be what Vice President Cheney is going through. Rather Conservative commentators would throw on the additional suggestion that liberals are effeminate. We'd be hearing about how liberals are girly-men and feminine and weak. Over and over again. So naturally they don't know to handle a gun.

If a Democratic Administration put UAE in charge of our ports, it would be just greed and poor judgement they'd be talking about. It would be treason.

So yeah, there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans.

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