Saturday, February 04, 2006

To Defeat Republicans Simply Become Republicans

Many on the right are convinced that in order to succeed, Democrats need to become Republicans. This is typified by the repeated exhortations to take Lieberman seriously. Poor sap.

But here's the pinnacle or nadir of that kind of thinking; Democrats need to applaud programs they oppose so as to look good to the American people. This theory was advanced by Tucker Carlson and Chris Matthews in the run up to the State of the Union (Yes, here at Make Me a Commentator!!! we boldly comment on week-old stories), and recorded by Media Matters for America.
MATTHEWS: Will there be moments -- I want to get back to substance, but I love the visual because I think it is a television event now. It's a studio audience, basically. Will there be a moment where the Democrats sit on their hands dramatically and the Republicans stand up and roar?

CARLSON: There always is, absolutely. I think people are always surprised by -- and every year, not just this year -- but they are always surprised by how partisan it is. I don't even think most people at home know that the parties sit in different places. I mean, I think it is shocking to people who don't follow Congress that one side, you know, won't respond at all to the president, and the other side goes crazy.

MATTHEWS: Do they look bad when they don't?

CARLSON: I think they do. I mean, I'm not shocked by it; I've lived here a long time. But yeah, I don't think the public likes that.

MATTHEWS: Suppose the president says, "I'm gonna make my tax cuts permanent," and the Democrats sit on their hands. That's good for the Republicans, right?

CARLSON: Yeah, probably so.
So there you have it. The American people are morons and when they see Democrats not clapping the President their little minds tell them "Democrats bad. They should clap President Bush. Not clap. That bad!"

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