Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We're Going to Jail

Good news everybody! We're going to jail! All except Cheery, who will play the part of grieving widow and will send us cakes. And McIckleson who is fictional. Well come to think of it Jean Louis Crowley and The Post Modernist are both out of the country currently. And Durango could probably cop an insanity plea (since he is, more or less, insane). But Space Lobster, The Monster, and me are going to jail. For Sedition.

Ben Shapiro, boy prognosticator, has written an article calling for the prosecution of Al Gore, John Kerry, Jim McDermott and Howard Dean. He doesn't say what law he is would prosecute them under, but, then again, young Ben is not a lawyer. He's a mean-spirited dunderhead*.
This is not to argue that every measure taken by the government to prosecute opponents of American wars is just or right or Constitutional. Some restrictions, however, are just and right and Constitutional -- and necessary. No war can be won when members of a disloyal opposition are given free reign to undermine it.
Translation - we still want to piss on Roosevelt for locking up the Japanese, while simultaneously arguing that he was more or less in the right for doing so. You didn't expect us to play fair did you?

One nice new feature of Townhall is that they allow comments on articles. Here's one entitled None Dare Call It Treason, by grubby.
But I Do! That fantastic idiot, Al Gore, who somehow flatters himself that he's a statesman, even though he couldn't correctly identify the bust of Jefferson within Montecello, utters irresponsible, anti-American and treasonous statements on the very soil that resurrected and nurtures the particularly vile brand of Wahabi Islamism that seeks to destroy the Christian/Western culture. Many more US soldiers will die because of what Gore said which is clearly aiding and abeding the enemy in time of war. He needs to be prosecuted at the capital level for treason - or else the Constitution means nothing, not even to the Republicans.
Or, to put it another way, Sedition doesn't work because it wouldn't allow us to execute our political enemies. Maybe there's a down side to this whole going to jail thing after all.

Here's part of another comment, entitled Ban Sedition until we win the War on Terror, by a guy named bulldogged.
Shapiro's historical case for the necessity of wartime rights violations is stellar, but he omits several pertinent examples. Lincoln imprisoned political opponents during the Civil War, and indeed, we won the Civil War. But what about WWII? The United States interned 120,000 law-abiding Japanese citizens during WWII. We won WWII. The correlation must indicate that violating rights during wartime is the REASON we won those wars. Factors such as our overwhelming military might are irrelevant. Anyone who doesn't see that really needs to take a Stats class (in addition to ceasing to spout treasonous logic).
Hmmmmmm. I wonder if young Ben gets the punchline. Probably not.

Anyway if this is sedition, best to make the most of it. Tune in later for a post on White Phospherous.

* term on loan from the McIckleson collection, all rights reserved.

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