Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Conservative Crack Down

This is the term Rush is using to describe the Conservatives reactions to having a bad year last year. The Conservative movement is getting more sure of itself and more confident. Exhibit number one today is the Alito confirmation.
Now it's time to bring on the next vacancy. We are on a roll, ladies and gentlemen -- and take down those words, Senator Kerry, for your next floor statement about me, because I want those words echoing throughout the land: Bring on the next vacancy; we are on a roll.
Bring on the next court vacancy isn't exactly the same as we need to slip rat poison in Judge Steven's creme brulee, but they are similar sentiments.

But let's get to some gloating about the Democratic failure to stop Alito.
Kerry rides in to save the day, and ends up... How many votes did the cloture vote get? Did they get 19 or 20 Democrat votes yesterday for cloture? Kerry barely got about half their caucus. He got about half the Democrat caucus to go with him, and it was known in advance this was going to happen. What an idiot Kerry must be. His Democrat leaders had already said while he was in the air on the way back to lead the filibuster, his Democrat leaders -- Dingy Harry and others -- had already conceded there was no hope. A filibuster would be pointless and yet there is Senator Kennedy, along with his protege, Senator Kerry, leading the way. It was the blind leading the blind; the tone deaf leading the deaf. Now, it was just incredible. This crackup that we are witnessing is historic, folks, and you are watching the midst of it, you are in the midst of it, and you are part of what's making it all happening. The Democratic Party and the American left have no clue how to deal with an informed opposition.
See this one victory shows that liberalism is a dead thing. But before you get all panicky, I urge you to consider the source. Good old Rush has been predicting the imminent demise of liberalism quite a while, and we are still here.

Rush also applauds a Daily Kos writer for excoriating those Democrats who voted for cloture.
You go to the site, and they tell you, read this. This guy is good. This guy's got it. Read this. Live it; love it; learn it. Here's what this Democrat wrote at Daily Kos:

"What I want is a complete list of every scum-sucking, [bleep]ing Democrat, [bleep]ing senator who voted for cloture. That's what I want. I don't know what to do with that list, not yet, but I know for [blank]damn sure I won't be voting for any of them, let alone sending them any [blank] damn money!
By the way, isn't Maryscott O'Conner a wierd name for a "guy"?

Those bleeps are almost certainly added in by Rush Limbaugh. Praising this attack on "moderate" liberals quite a long way from thanking those who did the right thing (in conservative's mind) by voting for cloture. Kick them while they're up. Kick them while they're down. Simple enough. After all a liberal who does a nice thing is still a liberal.

Let's see how this pattern is followed as conservatives write about their triumph over the next couple of days.

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