Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Would you Kick a Conservative's Dog?

Here are two ways of looking at our rivalry with the Conservatives of this Country.

1. We are all good people and patriotic people who want a strong and successful America. While we differ on how to get there, it's important to remember that that which unites us is stronger than that which divides us.

2. Conservatives are the enemy, the ideas they present are bad ideas. Bad for America and bad for the American people. In order to prevent their bad ideas from taking hold on the United States, we need to do whatever it takes. They are our enemies, and as such, they must be defeated.

When I first started this website I believed in the first supposition. Part of me still wants to believe it, but another part of me believes that it's crap.

The problem with the first supposition is that it only holds true as long as both sides believe it. The moment one side drops to supposition 2, they gain a huge advantage while the other side believes in supposition 1.

Republicans and Conservatives believe that Liberals are the enemy and they are clearly willing to do what it takes to crush us. Liberals and Pseudo-Liberals in particular continue to accept supposition one.

Which brings me to my question. If you believed kicking a Conservative's dog would provide some help in overturning conservative ideas, would you kick it? Please don't cop out by saying "Well I don't see how that would help." The thought experiment assumes that you do see a way in which it would help.

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