Monday, February 13, 2006

Round the Horn. Three Fingers of Bryant Version

Hi all. I haven't done any blogging around in quite a while, but I can sort of remember how to do it.

Happy Furry Puppy Story Time has a really good rundown on Republican Scandals - particularly congressional ones. If you think you might haved missed one (considering how many there have been recently), you might want to give it a look.

Musing's musings reviewed Alberto Gonzeles's "testimony" and found it wanting in logic. More to the point, the legal theories he proposed do not seem consistant with the principles this nation was founded on.

All Facts and Opinions has a piece on the internet - apparently many of the major broadband providers are considering tightening the pipe to squeeze out things they don't like. Doesn't seem like that would be a good thing.

Steve Bates, the Yellow Doggeral Democrat, has the news that President Bush can appoint incompetents to more than just the federal reserve (see McIckleson's post below for the link on that story). Apparently he can appoint them to the higher education board as well. But more to the point, the post discusses how businesses look at education, and how that is not necessarily a positive thing.

Speedkill has the details on the most recent of Ann Coulter's many crimes against logic, democratic principles and Christian values. I don't know how much more to say than Speedkill says, except to say that perhaps Ms. Coulter was concerned that she isn't in the papers as much as she used to be.

Finally Sooner Thought has some thoughts on putting the current political climate in a sort of historical context. We shouldn't think ourselves immune to the mistakes we made in the past.

Anyway that ends my session in this set. Hope you have enjoyed this, and expect us to resume our normal programming tomorrow.

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