Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Liberals are Gutless Socialists

I'm really tired of life today - but let's do this anyway. Herman Caine is upset because liberals are gutless socialists. We are socialist because we favor programs like income tax and Social Security. We are gutless because we get those programs through democratic procedures rather than through violent coup.
Yet unlike the tyrannical dictators who ruled communist nations in the 20th Century, congressional liberals lack the guts to tell the public their true intentions. Those intentions are motivated by the Marxist philosophy of “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Instead of conducting a deadly revolution, liberals are waging their war on capitalism through public policy, assaults on our free-market system and socialistic rhetoric.
Get that? But then in beginning his assault on Modern Democrats he starts in 1913. Income Tax. Then he hits Social Security (and other New Deal ideas), witholding of income tax and up to the modern day.

If only we liberals had had a violent coup, put Herbert Hoover's head on a pike, and taken over. We woudln't have to hear all this conservative crap today . . . actually I'm sort of coming around to Cain's way of thinking.

But nonetheless let's look at conservativism's gutsiness. How many in your party are open about their desire to take this country back to 1913? Even President Bush's intentions in regard to Social Secruity were covered over with a gauze of "fixing Social Security" rather than the more honest description (fundemantally changing Social Security). Why is that?

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