Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vice Presidential Judgment

One possible scenario that has been floating around my mind since the shooting is that the white house takes this opportunity to drop Cheney and bring in someone new. I figured that there was not much of a chance that the White House itself would buy into this theory, but the logic of such a move would animate some within the larger movement. As it stands now, Bush has no heir. This means in 2008 both the Republicans and the Democrats will have fights over the nomination.

So some within the party must be thinking that getting rid of Cheney gracefully might be well worth considering. And with that in mind lets look at Paul Greenberg's latest article.
Leaders who are trusted tend to be those who trust the rest of us to be fair. Which is why the best way to manage the news may be not to try so hard to manage it - just tell it the way it happened. And don't wait till you've got all your quail in a row for Fox News.

Candor can be a virtue in a politician. In a society in which trust has eroded, it can be an especially valuable character trait. There was a time, circa the 2000 presidential election, when character was regularly mentioned as an important element of leadership, at least by the Republican candidates. That time seems to have passed, which is another troubling little detail.
I will say that while "Character" was an issue in the 2000 elections, candor has never been this administrations strong suit. Still that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement. Kind of the opposite really.

I have to say, it's nice to see a conservative acknowledging the nature of Fox News.

Anyway this is just one article, and I don't really expect the White House to cut Cheney loose. Still it's worth keeping in mind.

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