Monday, February 27, 2006

Every Character has Someone Who Likes Him or Her or It

I should have just titled this "Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey)" and been done with it.

Anyway reading Comic Book Resources rundown of the New York Comic Con this last weekend. Lots of interesting stuff, but what strikes me is that most panels seem to take a gratuitous shot at a character nobody gives a crap about. Maybe it's Speedball. Maybe it's Golden Age DC characters.

The problem is that every comic book character has fans, even the ones that I think are really lame. Rocket Raccoon has fans. Shining Knight has fans. Werewolf by Night has fans (and I'm one of them). And most of those fans think that "If the comic was done right, it would sell."

I just can't think it would be very pleasant for a fan of character X to hear creators, the ones that Marvel and DC trot out to represent themselves, to hear those creators making lame jokes about how lame their favorite character is (and very few of these jokes rise above "Character X is soooo lame.")

Anyway just something that crossed my mind. If you are interested in what is coming up for the Marvel and DC Universes, though, it's still worth reading.

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