Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Who is to Blame?

Dennis Prager's latest article is all about how Liberals and Conservatives look at wrong doing. According to Prager, Conservatives blame the wrong-doer; Liberals blame the victim or the situation.

This is not true.

Prager makes reference the fact that many liberals have criticized Israel's policies in regard to Palestine or France's assimilation policies or the choice of European papers to print offensive cartoons. This is the same as blaming the victim, in Pragers mind.

What Prager neglects to mention, because it doesn't fit his thesis, that almost all of these articles in questions contain some variation on the phrase "Of course, none of this excuses those who commit violent acts."

But to make sure there is no confusion, allow me to say I think terrorism is bad. And I think rioting is bad.

But I think willfully refusing to analyze why such crimes might occur is just as bad. Sticking to a simplistic "terrorists are evil and that's all you need to know" theory is a recipe for suicide, and this is the path that Prager urges.

This is why Conservatives can't be trusted on National Security.

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