Monday, February 20, 2006

Pure Naked Politics

The title of this article comes from a song by SPK (called Pure Naked Aggression, if memory serves). I can't really expect you to know that.

Anyway on Friday, Stan Goff explained in an article why we need to focus on Cheney's little accident.
However pathological the macho death-cult of guns is in this country, the people who have taken the trouble to learn anything about firearms at all now know that Cheney is what my dad used to call a pig-hunter and a fool that traipsed around after his "one beer" lunch on the quail preserve with his finger on the trigger. He's no more a hunter than Bush is a cowboy.

He's just another stupid, pampered, autocratic narcissist like Bush-bullshitting his way through high office-and leaving bodies in his wake with as little concern for them as he does for 70 pheasants.
This is largely true. But if you boil down this argument it amounts to "this issue matters because it can hurt Cheney with the dummies who support him." Well, yeah. It should.

But let's not pretend this is anything but us slamming in the Cheney because we can (in much the same spirit that Republicans slam into Democrats on the slightest pretext. It's just politics, nothing less, nothing more.

It's not statesmanship. But I suppose we are in an era in which statesmenship would be as useful as a horse and carriage.

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