Friday, November 04, 2005

Your Weekly Rush - In Defense of Gouging

Listening to Rush while driving around today; he was talking about gas prices. Apparently some of his fans and some of his staff feel that gas prices are too high. Rush Limbaugh disagrees. He spent some time on this yesterday and he's spending time on it today. Trying to convince people that gas problems are no problem. It is admittedly a hard sell.

Fortunately he has statistics from the American Petroleum Institute. I mean if anybody knows what's going on in the Petroleum industry, well, it would be the Petroleum institute. And certainly they would have no reason to hide such gouging from the American people. I mean if you can't trust industry spokespeople, who can you trust?

But my main curiosity is why Rush is focusing on this right now. He has to know, going into the winter months, that his fan base isn't going to be too enthusiastic about arguments that they have to shell out more money for Gas and there's nothing that can be done about it (except scrap environmentalism). Plus there's plenty of other news going on. Maybe Rush has gotten a phone call of sorts; and feels he has to zero on in this issue. Hard to say.

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