Thursday, November 03, 2005

Get on Board!

As you presumably know, Harry Reid and Congressional Democrats shut down the business of the senate earlier this week, in order to move forward the Senate Investigation into the intelligence that lead us into Iraq. Said Harry Reid (according to Salon), "After months and months and months of begging, cajoling and writing letters, we're finally going to have Phase II of the investigation into how the intelligence was used to lead us into this intractable war in Iraq."

In a shocking turn of events, Conservatives don't approve of this tactic. In his latest article, Matt Towery argues that this sort of stunt makes Democrats look like obstructinists and opportunists.
The stunt achieved nothing. If anything, it may one day be looked back on as the day the American public started to take a more positive view of President Bush and the Republicans again.

Yes, a White House indictment and a withdrawn Supreme Court nominee have Republicans on the run.

Even so, the public often senses when opportunistic politicians are trying to reach too far to score partisan blows.
This is the paradoxical difficulty of being the minority party. You can't actually enact your program except in tiny bits and pieces. The best you can hope for is to slow down the other sides program, and bring to light the other sides missteps and wrong doing.

But if you do that you are open to charges of obstructionism, opportunism, and not having a program of your own. Particularly by a party and a movement that realizes the American people's frustration with them. A party and a movement that would very much like to change the subject.

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