Monday, November 07, 2005

Townhall wants your Money

Townhall, responsible for reprinting the words of Ann Coulter (among others), would like your money. I'm planning on keeping my money, but if you want to hear the ugly hateful rhetoric of Ann Coulter, you might send them a few books.

This is the main gist of an article by Jay Bryant over there. His main theme is that for a long time the American Press was a lot like Soviet Style propaganda efforts (which seems a little delusional, but there you go. It's an article of Conservative faith). He then goes into this hopeful news.
In the sphere of politics and public affairs, the big bang of the information explosion has had the effect of destroying the bland liberal consensus, personified by the dominant Democratic Party, that dominated American politics for the previous half century. The good news is that it has released the conservative viewpoint from its old constrictions. The bad news is that it also released the most frightening and toxic left- wing extremism too.
Boo Mr. Bryant. I'm a toxic frightening liberal.

Oh wait, Halloween was last week.

Is there anybody on the left wing as toxic and as prominent as Ann Coulter? I don't doubt that you can find some hateful rhetoric by some liberal websites or Hollywood morons. I have no doubt of that. But is there anybody of her stature that pours out hatred every week?

Don't all get up at once.

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