Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Yesterday's Elections Mean

As you all know, yesterday's off-year elections didn't go exactly as the Bush Administration and the Republican party had planned. The GOP lost Governors races in Virginia (where Bush campaigned for Republican Jerry W. Kilgore) and in New Jersey. Governor Arnold out in California lost four ballot initiatives he claimed were necessary to reform the state. So kind of a bad night for the Republicans.

So what does it mean? Well I think it means that the bloom is off of the Republican Apple. I think it means that soon Republicans will be embarrassed to show their faces in public. I think it means that a coming era of unbridled Democratic Power will reduce the Republicans to clandestine meetings in the middle of night for fear of societal disapproval. I think it means that Republican politicians will be about as popular as a punch up the conk. Democrats will rule! Republicans will cower! Republicans will flea the sunlight of Joyous Democratic Rule like boll weevils afraid of the light! It will be a glorious day for all Democrats, a glorious day coming soon! And a very bad day for Republicans, for the tide has surely turned and they will soon be three kinds of doomed!!!

But, you know, it's important not to read too much into this.

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