Thursday, November 03, 2005

News from the Humor Institute of El Paso

I just got a call from Mr. Rodriguez, head of the Humor Institute of El Paso (referenced earlier today). Apparently the "joke" gleaned from Ms. Coulter's article today is proving a particularly tough nut to crack.

They've already head two Humor Specialist and a Professional Joculator threaten to quit. Three of their Funnyologists - Third Class - have disappeared. Now they might have gone to lunch, but it's still a bit early for lunch in El Paso. At any rate, one of the three, a vivacious young woman named Medea (apparently), was heard to say "Nothing will ever be funny again."

For those interested in the text of the "joke" I am going to print it below. Given it's anti-humor possibilities I am going to make the text the same color as the background - to read it simply select it using your mouse.
It was going to be Fitzmas Day! (Which is much like Christmas except instead of having her baby in a manger, the woman has a late-term abortion.)
Anyway they are going to continue work in it. Dr. Rodriguez assures me that she and her team are not the sort to give up just because of a little emotional scarring.

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