Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Yes, it's never to early to get in the Christmas spirit, and Alan Sears, former federal prosecutor is all ready to get in that particular Christmas Spirit. You know the one I mean.

Nope, not the one where you try to love your fellow men and wish for peace on earth.

Nope, not the one where you take a few minutes to pretend like you give a damn about the poor.

It's not even the one where you contemplate the Birth of Christ with humble awe.

Nope, the Christmas Spirit Mr. Sears is feeling is the one that leads him to lie and smear Liberals, particularly the ACLU. The ACLU and Liberals hate Christmas (but are in favor of degeneracy and evil and kids being rude to their parents), according to Mr. Sears. Surely with that kind of accusation Mr. Sears would provide some evidence?

Nope, no evidence. Oh wait, there is this line. "We heard of one tax-funded school last year at this time that wouldn't even let the kids wear that color - you know, for what it obviously represents." By that color, Mr. Sears means Green. That's pretty skimpy proof, Mr. Sears.

I heard of some bigoted Republicans who beat the shit out of gay guy once, but I don't think I'd write a whole article condemning all Republicans (particularly if I wasn't providing any of the details).

Still I guess Mr. Sears really he doesn't need to provide any proof. We all know that the ACLU and Liberals are anti-Christmas Bastards; why waste time when you can pack in more "humor."

At any rate, as you can see this particular Christmas Spirit fills me with a Christmas Spirit of my own; namely, unmitigated rage. You can look for a lot of unmitigated rage as we travel through this joyous season.

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