Thursday, November 03, 2005

Campus Diversity

I've written on political correctness and campus diversity before; quite extensively one week, actually. I ought to combine all those posts into a website for those interested.

That said, Edward J. Fuelnar's latest article brings up some of the standard Republican complaints about professorial diversity.
Professor Stanley Rothman of Smith College examined the politics of more than 1,600 college faculty at almost 200 schools. He found that in "all faculty departments, including business and engineering, academics were over five times as likely to be liberals as conservatives." In fact, he determined that a leftist political viewpoint was almost as important a factor in hiring decisions as tangible academic achievements, such as publications and awards.
I need to review this study; on the surface it sounds fishy. The real question is how do they know that someone is rejected for being openly conservative? Is their evidence anecdotal or is it based on number? And if it based on numbers are those numbers massaged (by over emphtasizing some numbers while deemphasizing others)? I'm going to look around and see if I can find the study.

I did find a website called The Lettrist which has a good article on Stanley Rothman and his study.

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