Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Plan vs. A Timetable

Cal Thomas's latest article makes the stunning admission that there are some similarities between Vietnam and Iraq. Specifically, he means that we could drop out of the war earlier than we should because of protesters and anti war types.
Vietnam and Iraq are significantly different, but Iraq could resemble Vietnam, if Murtha's advice is taken. We lost the war in Vietnam when we lost our will and failed to implement a plan for victory.
See Mr. Thomas wants us to implement a "plan for victory." This is different than a timetable for withdrawal. I'm not sure exactly how the two differ, but I am sure that it is so.

Oh I know. A "plan for victory" does not require the United States, particularly those who supported President Bush and this invasion, to admit that invading Iraq was a mistake.

Cal Thomas, unlike many of his colleagues, does at least present an idea of what victory in Iraq will look like.
Quitting before a stable democracy and self-sufficient Iraqi military is in place isn't a strategy. It is surrender.
Seems simple enough. A stable democracy and self-sufficient Iraqi military. Seems like that would take some time under the best of circumstances; but since our very presence drains the government of legitimacy and encourages insurrection, well, I guess Mr. Thomas is in for the long haul.

Oh, in case you didn't know, Republicans put up a measure calling for immediate and mindless withdrawal last week. It didn't pass, and many democrats, recognizing it as madness, didn't vote for it. Here's a parable that might help you understand this little tactic.
Once upon a time there was a magical shop known as Cost No More. An assistant manager by the name of Thor (son of Hiemdall) went and had words with the manager. "Verily oh manager, our marketing plan doth not draw customers as it should. I propose we enact a new marketing plan."

His manager, Thoth son of Orsirus, said, "Look Thor, If you are serious about this, the only thing to do is to tear down the entire store and rebuild from scratch."

Thor was taken aback and said "Nay, varlet. Such a course of action is far to extreme."

Thoth replied, in a quiet voice, "Ah, then there must be no problems."
Simple enough. Liberals favor a timetable for withdrawal. Or a plan if you like that word better. Not just mindless withdrawal.

But of course it's harder to demonize the idea of a timetable for withdrawal.

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