Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Beating a Dead Horse

In this case a dead horse named Ben Shapiro, I'm afraid.

Ben's latest article is about the Riots in France, and Ben displays his usual hateful ignorance on the subject. Let's get to hateful right away.
When Muslim terrorists murder 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, the European response is to lecture Americans about their "intolerance"
Actually the response from Jacques Chirac, President of France was somewhat different than Ben portrays it.
In these horrific circumstances, the French people stand as one, side by side with the American people. They want to express their friendship and solidarity in this tragedy. Their thoughts go especially to the injured and to the families of the victims.

France condemns totally this terrorism against which we must fight with absolute determination.
Le Monde, France's leading newspaper, ran with a headline "Today We Are All Americans." There were massive demonstrations through out the world in support of America in our time of need.

But that doesn't fit the story Ben is telling so he skips over it. He also skips over why the rest of the world has felt to lecture us. We invaded Iraq under false pretenses and with little provocation.

Now let's get to ignorant; the reason the Muslims are revolting is that the French government has been to lenient with them. This is, as I'm sure you know, total nonsense. France has no affirmative action, and a policy of enforced assimilation. If a Muslim youth from North Africa or the Middle East cannot become French fast enough he is marginalized and given little opportunity to improve his life. This creates resentment. As Mahablog points out, this looks a lot more like the Watts riots than any sort of terrorism.

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