Saturday, November 05, 2005

Defenders Saturday

The Sub-Mariner 35

OK, the last issue had the Hulk and the Silver Surfer as guest stars. Well that was a nice start, but it was only the beginning. Now we have some avengers too (Thor, Iron-Man, ol’ high-pockets himself, Goliath). As we open, the Hulk, Sub-Mariner and Silver Surfer are flying in outer space, when the Hulk says, “Tell Hulk AGAIN - - Why we’re all three here!” Of course you know the Hulk threw that three in there to show off his intellectual skills. Apparently the plan is to talk the United Nations scientists (who are creating the evil weather machine) and talk them out of it from a position of strength. So the Hulk has to serve as a sort of diplomat. Let’s see how that works out for the Sub-Mariner.

They land in front of a scientist who boasts that not even a hurricane can prevent their testing of this device. Hulk decides to teach this person a lesson on the curveballs life throws us at times, by landing in front of him and saying “Maybe a BIG WIND can’t stop you - - but the HULK can!!” He holds a boulder over his head to emphasize his point, but the Sub-Mariner smashes it. They remind Hulk of his role as a diplomat, but he doesn’t seem completely happy about it. The General in charge gives them five seconds to explain themselves. It’s kind of too bad I used General Stupid and Unlucky in the last recap. They explain that the weather machine is dangerous. The General seems unmoved so the Silver Surfer destroys their weapons. The General, showing himself not to be as stupid as General Stupid and Unlucky, flees the island and he contacts the Secretary General of the United Nation.

The scene switches to an establishing shot of the United Nations where the Secretary General says, “This is the GRAVEST crisis in the HISTORY of the United Nations!” So he calls in the Avengers. Scene change to Avengers Mansion where Captain America says, “Then It’s AGREED! Five of us dash of to make that charity TV spot - - the other three remain HERE on call to the U.N. as we promised!” Yeah everything Captain America says warrants exlamation points (I should not that in this issue, they have Clint Barton, former Hawkeye, serving as Goliath) and they aren’t very happy about it. Fortunately they soon get the call to journey to the island, which prompts some remembrances of thrashings past, particularly about the Hulk and the Silver Surfer.

Meanwhile back on the island, the Atlantean scientist from last episode shows up, along with Lady Dorma (Namor’s lady love). They also see the Avengers coming – and spring into action. They meet the Avengers some distance away. Namor and Thor agree to talk over Namor’s reasons for taking these actions. But then the Hulk (and who could have predicted this) says “Bah! It’s all a Trick! Is Hulk the only one who can see it. . . . Time to fight! Time to SMASH!” Goliath and Iron Man quickly attack Namor and the Silver Surfer respectively. They fight for a couple of pages. There’s the old gimmick where even the Hulk can’t pick up Thor’s Hammer.

The Soldiers return to the island and take this moment to attack the Atlantean scientists. Fortunately the site of Lady Dorma causes them to not attack (because they are gentlemen, apparently). This, coupled with Namor’s rescue of a drowning Goliath, ends the fight. Ikthon shows what the smallest amount of radioactivity could do to the weather machine (namely cause a huge explosion). This convinces the Avengers and General Not That Stupid that the three were in the right. The Sub-Mariner, in his statesmanlike way, calls for more study before the device is finished. Hulk has a different idea. “MORE STUDY? BAH! Machine is BAD, that’s all! But, Hulk will turn it into - - SCRAP METAL!” Namor and the Silver Surfer have to restrain him, which he doesn’t like. So he hurls them away and leaves without destroying the machine. And then the Surfer flies away, angry that humans don’t seem very good at getting along, leaving Namor alone with his lady love and the Avengers. He bids the Avengers fare well and takes a panel to remind us that the next issue involves his wedding.

The Loneliness of the Silver Surfer – “I could not endure another MOMENT among a race of MADMEN - - who rail at each other in name of PROGRESS”

The Ears of the Sub-Mariner (to Goliath) - "Your frail human ears are more delicate than mine, Avenger!"

The Simple Honesty of the Hulk - "Let the HUMANS fear - 'cause Hulk will SMASH them - them and the thing the BUILD!"

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