Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Wall Street Journal Front Page News

In column 4 of today's Wall Street Journal's Front Page (above the fold) we see the following.
It's White, Gloppy,
Almost Tasteless,
And Malawi Loves it

But Nsima Stocks Are Low
After Bad Maize Harvest;
Yes, We Have Bananas
My current working theory about the Wall Street Journal is that they have a team of five people approving front page stories; four serious journalists and a Regular LSD user suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

As it turns out this is a serious story; Nsima is a porridge made of corn (which they, like the Indians, call Maize), and the people of Malawi (which is a country in Africa) don't have enough of it (because of droughts). If you think the description of white and gloppy makes it seem untasty, consider White which has similar properties. And yet Rice can be the base of thousands of dinners or relatively good all on it's own. Anyway I hope they get more rain or more corn from somewhere.

Edited to add: Yeah, what I meant to say was consider White Rice. Rather than consider White. Saying Consider White Rice makes a little more sense (well because Brown Rice wouldn't Be White, would it?). Yeah, I'm kind of a dope.

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