Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I Come to Praise Molly Ivins, not to Bury Her

Molly Ivins is really quite good, and her latest article is also quite good. It's about how the Bush Administration is dealing with the suggestion that the pre-war intelligence may not have been presented exactly honestly.
Dissent equals treason. Anyone who criticizes Bush is unpatriotic. According to this pitiful attempt at intimidation, to notice that this war is a disaster is the same as spitting on our soldiers. Stephen Hadley, Donald Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney have all played this card in recent days.

It's just plain old intimidation, trying to scare people into shutting up -- it's an old, ugly, mean trick, and it only works against cowards.
It's fortunate that there are plenty of people out there, like Ms. Ivins, who do not happen to be cowards.

Anyway the whole article is good, so go check it out!

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