Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cal Thomas sez - "Our Troops Could Learn a Lesson or Two from the Terrorists."

From his latest article.
The United States is forced to fight differently from the terrorists. The insurgents use torture, beheadings and "suicide bombings" that take the lives of noncombatants. But when someone charged that the United States uses intense, or unusual (whatever that means) techniques to pry information from a captive that could save lives, war critics and the media go wild and suggest the U.S. military is replicating Saddam Hussein's torture chambers.
We aren't winning this war because we aren't brutal enough, apparently.

A few reminders. Many if not most of the people held at Abu Ghraib were determined to have no knowledge of the insurgents. The procedures used on them involved torture. Our choice to use torture on Iraqis has made winning the war harder.

Thomas also notes that the left is seeking political advantage around the Iraq war issue, a situation he deplores. "How sick is that?" It's comforting to know that this disgusts Mr. Thomas given the hundreds of times the President, Vice President and other Administration flunkies have, you know, tried to use the war to their political advantage.

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