Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Humor Institute of El Paso

Hey all.

In reading Ann Coulter's latest article I came across a sentence that just bumfoozled my mind. Check it out (Note: because of the potential psychological damage this joke might inflict (which has been revealed since I made this post), we are making it the same color as the background. If you wish to read it you will have to select it with your mouse. You have been warned.)
It was going to be Fitzmas Day! (Which is much like Christmas except instead of having her baby in a manger, the woman has a late-term abortion.)
Now in analyzing the form, it's clear that this is intended to be some kind of joke. But it strikes me as totally lacking in humor. Frankly it's so lacking in actual humor, it feels like we've punched a hole into some weird alternate dimension of Anti-Humor. So I have shipped this phrase on to the Humor Institute of El Paso for analysis.

If you have any ideas on where the humor is supposed to come in, please post them; every little bit of help helps.

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