Monday, April 16, 2007

Woman Vs. Men

According to Kevin McCullough's latest article, Feminists fear Men. I wonder if that holds true for male feminists. Probably best not to consider that.

Anyway he writes about how women are trying to do all the things men should be doing; which he is opposed to. He then notes that medical science may make men unnecessary from a biological standpoint as well. This has been on the table for quite a while, but I guess McCullough just heard about it. Apparently all of this is motivated by a desire to eliminate males from society. Once we render males unnecessary we can get rid of them. Er, us.

It is confusing being a male feminist, when you have to believe the warped things McCullough apparently believes that we believe.

And then there's brilliant sentence.
Surely the feminists can see that while there are some public figures like Barack Obama who are forced to nuance why they appear with hip-hop icons like Ludicrous who prefer to think of women as "hos" and "bitches", that there are others like Dr. James Dobson who have advocated for the deep respect women deserve from the culture and society.
In the wake of the Imus firing one thing we've all learned is that Rap is bad. Apparently. And Obama taking money from rappers or appearing with them is also bad.

Actually some in my audience are probably not able to parse this, so let me explain it for you. Imus proported to run a news show; he did comedy sure, but he had on his show dozens of news professionals and even politicians. Ludicrous is a rapper, a singer and/or story teller. You might find the stories he tells vile or immoral, but he's held to a different standard by the nature of what he is doing.

Also whatever else you say about Ludicrous, he is not advocating that all of America follow his lead on how he treats women. James Dobson, on the other hand, clearly is. And what is he suggesting the nation do, this man who advocates "deep respect [for] women?"
My observation is that women are merely waiting for their husbands to assume leadership. - James Dobson
Wait, that must be the wrong quote. Let me see here.
How about group marriage? Or marriage between daddies and little girls? Or marriage between a man and his donkey?
Wait that's not right either. A man and his donkey? What's up with that. On more attempt.
Given that historical fact and the way it is today, isn't it amazing that there's such a sizable number of people in the media and in the liberal community that despise this country and its freedoms, and they're doing everything they can to undermine it?
Ah - there's the stuff.

To really see what Dobson really thinks about women, let's read a story from his own marriage.
. . . my wife and I decided to install a new gas-barbecue unit in our backyard. When the plumber completed the assignment and departed, Shirley and I both recognized that he had placed the appliance approximately six inches too high. I looked at the device and said, "Hmmm, yessir, he sure made a mistake. That post is a bit too high. By the way, what are we having for dinner tonight?" Shirley's reaction was dramatically different. She said, "The plumber has that thing sticking up in the air, and I don't think I can stand it!"
What does that tell you about women? Or how Dobson looks at women?

Anyway Dobson good, Ludicrous bad. According to Musclehead McCollough

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