Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Joe Biden

Again the first question is what is Joe Biden's plan to get out of Iraq. His question is after we pull out our troops then what? The problem in Iraq today is a cycle of violence, and there is no way to do that without moving to a federal system. To decentralize the government so that each part of Iraq has it's own power to run their own lives. A limited centralized government.

Also you have to make Iraq the worlds problem, not just our problem. That actually makes sense.

I missed a question. I can hear it, but I can't see it.

Anyway he's talking about how we need to not have permanent military bases and we shouldn't take control of Iraq's oil.

Third question is on sectarian violence, and how the Iraqi police participate in it. In effect the US is training Iraqi police. He goes back to the idea of going back to local control over local police. Which makes sense I suppose.

He is repeating his first point - we need to leave Iraq, but we need to have a plan of what to do when we leave. Actually he's making a lot of sense; but he is also underlining how he is the only candidate who has a plan to get out of Iraq. He's laying it on a little thick actually.

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