Monday, April 23, 2007


Dinesh D'Souza's latest article is a discussion of the parallels between the attempt to abolish slavery and the attempt to outlaw abortion.
I am not an expert on the abortion issue, but I have learned a great deal about it, strangely enough, by studying the Lincoln-Douglas debates. These debates were about slavery. But look at how closely the arguments parallel the abortion debate.
To be brief he notes that anti abolitionist and pro choice politicians often claim to be opposed to the practices they are protecting. Also a fetus and a black person are likewise seen as not being human by the bad guys. Not sure about that last argument

I see some parallels as well. For example there's a parallel between the Don Imus firing and the Supreme Court decision. In both cases the event has galvanized the movement. Those who want to see tighter controls on talk radio and reinstating the fairness doctrine see this firing as a sign that they can win. Ditto for the Pro-Life movement and the Supreme Court decision; they are taking this as a watershed event, and there are at least six other pro life articles I could have chosen from this morning.

Unfortunately I see another parallel as well; between the pro-choice and pro-slavery movements. In both cases they were railing against a societal decision that had already been made. In 1860 the handwriting was on the wall for Slavery, and in 2007 the handwriting is on the wall and underlined for abortion; it's going to stay legal.

But of course in the 1860s, the South didn't want to except that they were going to lose slavery. Hopefully, the bulk of the anti-abortion movement won't go that particular route.

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