Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tom Delay Explains the Universe

Come along to see Master Delay explain how the political world works, in an article for Townhall.
The Democrats' overstepping of their electoral mandate began on election night, when they misinterpreted the election as a broad affirmation of liberalism instead of a protest against the lack of progress in Iraq. The American people did not suddenly, last November, decide their taxes had become too low, government spending needed a huge boost, that they wanted to pay for the destruction of human life for scientific research or that homosexuals have a right to marriage.

Nor did they sign up for Nancy Pelosi's lose-at-all-costs, cut-and-run agenda on Iraq. The American people, both Republicans and Democrats, were and still are frustrated about the war. But while Democrats are angry the war exists at all, most Americans are angry only that we haven't won it yet, or at least that media reports don't seem to suggest we're in the process of winning. Most Americans want us to win in Iraq; most Democrats want us to quit.
Gosh. It's nice that Tom Delay knows what the American people want. According to a CNN poll taken from April 9 to 12, 2007, 51% of America said that President Bush made a mistake going into Iraq, and 53% said that the United States Not Very Likely or Not at All Likely to succeed in our goals in Iraq (whatever those Goals might be). 57% of Americans say that the United States should set a time table for withdrawal from Iraq.

But thank goodness Master Delay knows what the American people really want, even if they aren't able to articulate their desires accurately to a pollster.

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