Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why I am always angry

This is from an article by Matt Barber on the Imus situation.
Don Imus, recently unemployed pioneer of the high-dollar “shock-jock” industry, is a truly gifted man. He has the rare but unenviable ability to really tick people off at both ends of the political spectrum and everywhere in between. To the chagrin of the leftist anti-war “you baby killer” crowd, he’s been a staunch defender of our wounded troops at Walter Reed. Yet he’s made a habit of regularly bashing social conservatives and President Bush, having even gone so far as to suggest that government mismanagement of Hurricane Katrina occurred because Bush is a closet racist.
Yeah because Liberals hate the idea of our soldiers getting the medical attention they deserve. We want our soldiers to suffer for all the bad things they've done over in Iraq. That's why liberal publications like Salon has reported on the Walter Reed mess, and Liberal Bloggers have written about it constantly.

The sad fact is that there is a significant part of Conservatism that believes that Liberals want our soldiers to suffer. The evidence is that the movement to fix Walter Reed came from the liberal part of this country. The movement to preserve veterans benefits also comes from the liberal part of this country. And both movements were opposed, to a certain extent, by President Bush who one assumes is a conservative.

The rest of the article is standard boilerplate Imus. Yeah Imus was wrong, but so is Al Sharpton. And they are going to use Imus to crush Conservative voices. Barber gets points for sharing a paranoid fantasy at the end.
. . . those of us found in violation of this dogmatic PC speech code – as I am right now – run the risk of public blacklisting and indefinite unemployment. After we’re sentenced by this McCarthyist tribunal, we can evidently look forward to being shackled, dragged off to a “progressive” re-education “rehab” camp and furiously flogged with a rolled up copy of The New York Times until we’re properly whipped into ideological submission.
Good luck with that Mr. Barber.

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