Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trouble with a Capital T

Not because it's a big deal, just because it's the first word of a sentence.

Matt Towery has written an article on the Confederate Flag and South Carolina. Apparently the Confederate flag issue that had been pretty big a couple of years back is now a big issue again. And as he points out this isn't exactly good news to the Republican nominees.
That means another round of hot-seat questions in a year in which race is emerging as an obvious factor in the presidential race, what with Barack Obama being biracial. He has certainly enthused the black community, and his charismatic presence and lack of political baggage has many Americans of all races seriously considering a black man for president.

. . . Look for this perpetual controversy to transfer to South Carolina in time for the primary campaign.
I will note two additional facts. In 2000 George W. Bush kowtowed to the base in South Carolina (i.e. those who wanted the Confederate flag to remain over the capitol), and he won the race. While I admit it might be a landmine for Guiliani and McCain, I don't think that deciding to play to the base there will hurt them in the main campaign, unless Obama is the candidate.

Secondly, the controversy would seem to be a real opportunity for Obama. It's not a layup; rather he has to show that his talk about unity is more than just talk, while reminding the Black community that he really is one of them. It requires a certain amount of finesse, but it seems clear that Obama possesses finesse in spades.

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