Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rush Limbuagh tries to Envision something that is Actually Happening and is Unable to

Can you imagine if a famous conservative Christian publicly voiced their religious practices, and told every American they had to adopt them, right now, or we're going to destroy the planet because the last days are coming, "It's right there in revelation!" Can you imagine if any Christian minister went out there and talked and talked about particularly the Apocalypse as it is in Revelation on a daily basis with the media hype? Can you imagine? That conservative would be shouted out of the mainstream. Actually, the conservative has been shouted out of the mainstream. But imagine if a Christian talked about Christianity the way these people are talking about their religion, and said, "There's no argument and there's no debate and you're going to hell unless you do what I say!" Can you imagine the outcry?
One wonders if Rush Limbaugh has heard of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. I guess not.

From Yesterdays Show.

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