Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hillary Clinton

It's funny them doing a background for Hillary Clinton; I suppose you have to, but I doubt there's more than 50 in America who haven't completely made up their minds about her.

First question is what is the best and fastest way to get out of Iraq. Hillary starts by thanking us. What can we do while President Bush is in office, and what will Clinton do when she is in office. She supports the bill passed and discusses what is good about it. She is working to change course in Iraq; the reality is that you have to work with Republicans. When she is president she will end the war to Iraq.

Second question - she supports a continuing presence in Iraq to protect our interests. Pretty good question, best for her to face this head on. She does see soldiers staying there for a limited time. To protect the Kurds, to run counter terrorism missions and so on and so forth. She is opposed to a permanent presence; but they are going to continue needing troops there.

Third question - recently launched a petition to call on President Bush to not veto the bill. Will Clinton pass a bill that has no timetables in it? Apparently she doesn't want to plan on him vetoing the bill. Se wants to put pressure on the presidency. Of course it seems clear that saying that Bush won't get a bill without timetables would put more pressure on him. She also points out that she has a website.

She compliments MoveOn.Org for being so great. Kind of just like Edwards. She knows that she has to compliment the crowd I guess.

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